In English

Hello, my name is Jacob Kimvall.

I am a Swedish writer and art critic, currently working as lecturer in Art History at The School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University.

I am specialized in art in the public spheres and have a particular interest in graffiti- and street art. The interest in this subject started as a teenaged graffiti writer in the 1980-ties. My professional path into in these fields however started in 1992 when I co-founded Underground Productions (UP), an international magazine focusing on graffiti and related cultural expressions. I worked as one of the magazine’s editors throughout the 1990-ties.

In 2014 I defended my PhD-thesis in Art History at Stockholm University: THE G-WORD: Virtuosity and Violation, Negotiating and Transforming Graffiti examines the historiography of graffiti and suggests that this subcultural phenomenon should be understood as jointly produced by subcultural and institutional agents.. As a lecturer I have had long term affiliations with Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, and Berghs School of Communication.


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